The way you look at jigsaw or crossword puzzles is the way I look at art. I like solving problems while making the world beautiful through colour, light and unbridled creative expression. My name is Jess, and I create things. I’m mathematically artistic. Left brain, meet right.


I first began working behind the scenes in 2014, specializing in graphic design. Now, I create imaginative designs both on, off and for the stage. Whether I’m using a computer, a paintbrush, or a blank page, my work reflects the vibrant world around me and brings a sense of joy to life. Unleashing alacrity onto scary, barren canvases informs how I help others discover what they want to make, too. Together, we can design your dreams or make your creative scene come to life.


TL;DR: My patronus is a dolphin. Tacos are the food I can’t live without. I doodle when I try to pay attention. I once gave my number to a taco artist. It was sketched onto a napkin. I create functional art, and support others in their own passionate exploration of creativity.



Hey, how do you relate to a blank canvas?


Personally, blank canvases terrify me. I steer well clear of them. Going full tabula rasa scares my brain back into some proverbial ice age (which isn’t exactly, uh, workable as a designer). I find that staring at an undecorated surface and deciding where to place the first paint stroke is by far the most difficult part of any project.


It is also the most exciting.


The Blank Canvas is the safe space I designed for myself and others to pursue their creative endeavours with a sense of spark, freedom and reverence. In this space, mistakes are not only allowed, they’re celebrated. As a Creativity Coach, I love working with people who ooze colour and crave magic, people who have gifts to share but aren't sure what the next step is.


I like to start with coffee. Then, we find out how to unleash more joy onto the canvas of your life.

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Meet JJ Nyx.


Sing before breakfast, you’ll cry before night.

She’s the fallen Angel of Night + the daughter of Chaos.


Burlesque is a powerful artform. It is wholistically creative and wildly rebellious. From choreography to costume, every detail is designed with delicious care (and quite a few rhinestones).


Debuted: March 24, 2018

Last seen at: Wet Coast Burlesque Fempower , June 2018
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Create a scene, make an uproar.